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Kanzeon Bosatsu - Saiyuki Gaiden OVA 3

Can you become somebody’s sun?

Voice Actor: Rei Igarashi

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Kenren and Nataku - Saiyuki Gaiden OVA 2

No matter where that place is, no matter what form it appears to have…

Live. Live on. Do everything you can to live!

Bloom. Bloom

with a proud heart, until you’ve completely withered.

Voice Actors: Hiroaki Hirata and Kaho Kouda

EXTRA: I really recommend listening to this with headphones.

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Kenren - Saiyuki Gaiden OVA 2

I understand. You’re still alive too, right? If you’re hungry, then eat. If you’re hurt, then struggle. If you’re suffering, then scream. That’s what it means to live.

Don’t leave a single bone! Live, Nataku!

Voice Actor: Hiroaki Hirata

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Kenren - Saiyuki Gaiden OVA 2

Hey, in the end, I couldn’t do anything for your little brother. Let me at least help you free yourselves from this narrow little world.

Voice Actor: Hiroaki Hirata